We are very blessed at St Paul's Catholic Primary School to have our very own school chapel. Our chapel is very special to the whole school community.  It is a calm and sacred space, open to all.  We hope that children, parents, staff and visitors to our school can find it a sanctuary where they can feel loved and close to God.

The chapel is located at the heart of our school and its location enables it to be used throughout the school day.  Children at St Paul's Catholic Primary School use the chapel regularly for personal, small group or class liturgical prayer.  On Thursdays, classes from Year 1 - Year 6 use the chapel for their class liturgical prayer. 

Our Chaplaincy Team have always been involved in the chapel and its upkeep.  The children decided on the colour for the walls and also thought carefully about the items which are in the chapel and the pictures that hang on the walls.  It was the Chaplaincy Team who suggested that we get a Lampedusa Cross in the chapel to highlight and remember in prayer, the plight of refugees making their way from Libya to Europe, and refugees everywhere.  There are also many resources within the chapel to enable children to prepare their class liturgical prayer. 

The chapel is also used by the school community at other times too.  Our committed Chaplaincy Team organise and lead liturgical prayer in the chapel during break times and lunch times, on a rota.  During the months of October and May, they run Rosary Club in the chapel during break times and also Christan meditation opportunites at lunch times.  Fr Jim uses the chapel with the children when they have the opportunity to make the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent.  We also invite parents and our parish community to join us for morning prayer in the chapel during Advent and Lent.